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parenting in minnesota
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26th-Nov-2006 05:01 pm - SG anyone?
Anyone want to meet up at SG tomorrow, just for old times sake? Ten am?
4th-Oct-2006 01:34 pm - Clothes Swapping
Does anyone know of a swapping community for kids clothes in MPLS?  I have tons of boys clothes from NB to 12 months that I would really like to swap for 18-24 months.

Anyone want to join one?  I suppose I could create one and maybe do a monthly swapping meeting?
3rd-Oct-2006 04:22 pm - I think I made the right decision...
House: Safe Yet?

Ok so a little back story.

For the past 2 years I have worked for a wonderful company, and lived in a wonderful apartment.

Over the past year, my boss has started going way psycho on me, and my work life has gotten so stressful I am making myself sick and having panic attacks on my way to work. I literally hyperventilate when I talk about why I am afraid of my job. Not good.

My apartment was taken over by a new roommate, who did everything he could to drive me out and make me feel unwelcome. I had no respite. I had no place to relax and hide from life. I wasn’t happy at work and I wasn’t happy at home and I just had no where to go and I became very depressed.

I didn’t care about my job, my looks, my apartment, my finances. I let everything fall apart. I went into debt, alienated some friends, made things worse with the roommate for not picking up the mess, and my work life hit a perpetual downslide.

Flash forward to August. I find out I am pregnant.

I can’t stay at my current apartment. I can’t afford it on my own, and I will NOT have my child around my gun toting psychopath roommate.

So I find a new and better place to live and moved just yesterday. I am not about a mile from the hospital, paying significantly less for bills, and in general am far happier here in the long run.

So I go to a temp agency and am assured a position by the time my two weeks notice is up. Same pay but better mental and physical health.


Here is where I start to freak.

New roommate and I couldn’t find a third NEEDED roomate in time for this months rent, had to borrow from people to pay third portion of rent. Taken care of for this month, but next month will be tricky if we don’t find someone.

I am 4 days from my last day and there is no word from temp agency for a job, they just keep saying she is working on it.

I find out there health insurance sucks ass and need to get on W.I.C and MinnCare, but I fear they may not put me on since even though I am pregnant and jobless, I did that to myself by quitting.

I am contemplating welfare, but I fear my new roommate’s reaction to that as she was FORCED to be a welfare mom when she was pregnant, and I made the choice to get in this situation.

I am too prideful to concede and tell my boss I need my job back. Because I know it will end up with the same issues, and that isn’t healthy for me or the baby.

I know deep down I made the right choices, it is just waiting for everything else to either jump or fall.


Dammit, I have no idea what to do…

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2nd-Oct-2006 03:56 pm - Anyone else wanna go?

I know its kinda far away from now, but I really think this would be fun!!
13th-Sep-2006 08:01 am - Intro
yahoo work
My name is Kris. My husband Troy and I had our first child, Leighton Alexander, on August 7, 2006. I am also a birthmom to Maggie (13) and Tess (9) who were both placed in open adoptions at birth. We are in Roseville. Right now I am on maternity leave and am home all day. Once I go back to work (early October), evenings or weekends will be better for us. Group activites, although Leighton is a little young for them, Como or MN Zoo, Children's Museum, Fort Snelling

13th-Sep-2006 07:43 am - Daily Walking
yahoo work
If there are any moms or dads in the Roseville/Shoreview/St Paul area interested, one of my friends and I are walking every morning with the strollers in Central Park (Lexington and County C Roseville) around 9 am. We do at least 2 laps of Bennett Lake or we walk the Lexington to Harriet Alexander loop. We are usually done around 11 am. This will continue weekdays, weather permitting, until the second week of October when I go back to work. If you'd like more info, please post to the comments.

She's late 20's, I'm mid 30's. We are open minded and it's a chance for adult conversation. We do walk at a pretty rapid rate. Rain days we plan to walk at Rosedale.
5th-Sep-2006 12:07 am - The zoo :)
DH and I are going to the Zoo tomorrow if anyone would like to join us. Probably around 11am. Hopefully it will be less insane than it has been, since school starts tomorrow. Wooo!!
25th-Aug-2006 04:37 pm - Zoo fun!!!
That was so great today! We have to make it a weekly or at least a monthly event! Especially since so many of us are members, we can get a lot of people in for free.
yay!!! :)
20th-Aug-2006 10:19 pm(no subject)
guess who?
So I take it nobody wants to hang out tomorrow?
13th-Aug-2006 08:49 pm(no subject)
guess who?
So what's going on gals? Anyone want to venture over to SG tomorrow for a playgroup? Let me know if you're sure.
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